Monday, January 5, 2009


I fought myself every step of the way, but I went to yoga class tonight. So much so that I was dressed and scuffling my way to class in the snow and had to continuously talk myself out of turning around and going home.

You see, home is so warm and comfortable. I could make myself a nice dinner and relax on the couch under a blanket for the evening. Instead I opted to eat leftover chicken, sit down for half an hour and then leave the house. It's so hard when your mind and body are fighting for laziness.

It was a mellow class, which was perfect. I had a good little sweat, though, and realized that inversions are really hard when you have extra belly fat. Try crunching yourself in half and then trying to breathe. Not fun.

But in savasana, corpse pose, I experienced profound calm. Waves of comforting heat washed over me, and I felt truly rested. Like I had slept for hours.

Now that sounds like an idea - sleep.

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